A Pleasure-Packed Cheesecake Recipe

Apple Filling: 3 medium-sized apples 3 tablespoons brown sugar A teaspoon of cinnamon 45g butter 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1 tablespoon water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Slice the apples thinly. Add sugar, cinnamon, butter, and vanilla. Cover and cook until softened. If the consistency isn’t thick enough near the end, mix cornstarch with water and add. … Read more

Pistachio Paris Brest

One of my absolute favorites, the Pistachio Paris Brest! This dessert, made with choux pastry, is one of the classiest sweets you can whip up. 👌🏻 You’ve got to give this version a shot! Ingredients: 100 ml water A little less than one cup of flour (90g) A pinch of salt A pinch of sugar … Read more