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A juicy poppy seed cake with shortcrust pastry. A crispy dough and in the middle homemade poppy seed mixture. Delicious, […]

A delicious dessert for all chocoholics. Simply white and milk chocolate combined and we have an irresistible dessert! Especially on […]

This cake has a pleasant amount of ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and cloves that will remind you of your childhood. To […]

Rainbow cake looks original and is a hit at children’s birthday parties. The recipe is simple but a little time […]

Tiramisu, renowned worldwide, holds a coveted place among the most iconic Italian desserts. Originating in the picturesque town of Treviso, […]

A recipe from my grandma’s pastry kitchen is this coconut cake. It also fits wonderfully as a birthday cake.   […]

They are simple and especially quick to prepare. If you like eggnog, prepare these no-fuss dessert.       Print […]