Easy and Delicious Eggnog Tiramisu

Tiramisu is the classic dessert all year round. Whether the original tiramisu with egg, or the quick version without egg with strawberries, as a sheet cake or as a tiramisu cake. It is so infinitely versatile. A little adapted with cinnamon and a really good shot of eggnog, it becomes a Christmas dessert of the … Read more

Easy and Delicious Eggless Tiramisu

This egless tiramisu is perfect for summer and you can even prepare it the day before – so there is more time for the guests. The Italian classic is the star when it comes to dessert. Tiramisu you can now easily prepare without raw eggs.   Easy and Delicious Eggless Tiramisu Ingredients: 1 cup strong … Read more

Spring Strawberry Dessert in a Glass

This Spring Strawberry Dessert is a quick and easy dessert in a jar with strawberries and a delicious curd cream. On top comes grated white chocolate. Simple, quick and always very tasty.     Spring Strawberry Dessert Ingredients: 300 g strawberries 250 g low fat quark 200 ml cream, = 1 cup 45 g sugar … Read more

Vanilla Raspberry Sheet Cake

What would a cozy, spontaneous meeting with friends be if you didn’t have the right pastry to go with it? If there is not much time to prepare, there are only 2 options: Dash off to the supermarket and get one of those inedible, pre-packaged cakes. Option two… you bake yourself Vanilla Raspberry Sheet Cake … Read more

Quick and Delicious Stracciatella Sheet Cake

Honestly… you can always find a good reason to drink a glass of eggnog, right? Whether at Easter, or at Christmas, or simply because you just feel like it. But hardly anything tastes better than cake with eggnog. Whether a simple eggnog cake or this eggnog stracciatella sheet cake with creamy topping. Eggnog and cake, … Read more

Easy and Delicious Zucchini Cake

If we have already arrived at “quick and easy”, of course a zucchini cake may not be missing. The combination of vegetables in the cake and chocolate on top makes for a super juicy cake experience that is made really quickly and even my boys, otherwise real vegetable fine, tastes great every time. So zucchini … Read more

Coconut Chocolate Truffle Sheet Cake

Fans of coconut, pina colada, bounty and exceptionally good cake watch out. Here comes an awesome recipe! There are cakes that are simply different, incomparable. These coconut truffle sheet cake are definitely one of them. A moist chocolate-almond base on a coconut mousse so fluffy and airy, it literally melts in your mouth. And the … Read more

Delicious Pear Cake Roll

Pear sponge cake roll is a delight with autumn fruits: pears delicately flavored with vanilla and honey, sunk in a cottage cheese cream and coated with delicious sponge cake.     Delicious Pear Cake Roll Ingredients: FOR THE CAKE 5 eggs (size M) 1 pinch salt 125 g sugar 1 pck. Bourbon vanilla sugar 100 … Read more

Juicy and Delicious Lemon Cupcakes

Wonderfully refreshing with fresh lemons and a delicious mascarpone cream.     Juicy and Delicious Lemon Cupcakes Ingredients: FOR THE DOUGH 125 g soft butter 100 g sugar 2 TSP. lemon zest 3 TBSP. Lemon juice 2 eggs 200 g Flour 2 TSP. Baking powder 1 pinch salt 100 ml milk FOR THE FROSTING 50 … Read more