Best Ever Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone’s favorite cookie gets a delicious fall upgrade.. Adding рumрkіn puree аnd рumрkіn ріе spice upgrades оur bаѕіс сhосоlаtе chip cookie dough іntо аn аmаzіng fаll dessert. Thеѕе wіll bе a hіt аt any bake ѕаlе оr dinner раrtу. If you like pumpkin pie and chocolate, you’ll love these cookies. I think they taste.. >> Read More
















































































Would you dare to try a camel milk cheese?


In many African countries it is a common product, but in our country very little is still known. It’s about camel milk. Everyone knows the use of camels as a means of transportation through the desert. What is perhaps not so well known is the use made of camel milk in food.

For millennia it has been an essential food for nomadic cultures such as the Bedouin, who could resist thanks to the nutrients provided by camel milk. It is a milk with different characteristics than cow’s milk, with less fat, although it can vary depending on the animal’s diet.

Yogurt is usually made from camel milk, as well as butter, although the process requires that the milk be sour first and a clarifying agent added.

Camel milk cheese
More difficult to make is cheese, because of the difficulty it has to curdle. In fact, a few years ago the FAO published a guide with indications to overcome this impediment. This document indicates that the basic principle of cheese making is to coagulate milk to obtain rennet and whey. The cheese produced from this process has low cholesterol levels and is easy to digest, even for people with lactose intolerance.

Modern methods of making cheeses accelerate this process by incorporating a ferment and rennet, a substance obtained from the offspring that contains an enzyme to promote the coagulation process and which accelerates the separation of liquids and solids.

Spanish camel cheese
Now, a Spanish company has dared to make camel milk cheeses. It is the experimental farm of the Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura zoo, which it also plans to use to produce yoghurts and cosmetics.

The cheese they make tastes similar to mozzarella, although less creamy, and grilled is also reminiscent of halloumi cheese.

The production of cheese with this product has been promoted with the advice of the expert veterinarian in camelids Bernard Faye and the professor of the National University of Kazakhstan Al Farabi, Guakhar Konuspayeva, according to Oasis Wildlife in a statement.

That zoo and its DromeMilk farm are considering the introduction of camel milk and its derivatives in the Spanish market as an option for “the diversification of agriculture and livestock.”

“Our initial idea is to make Canarian livestock profitable and open the door to the camel dairy industry in U.K. For this, we are finalizing the improvement in the dromedary milk production systems, as well as the establishment of all the health regulations related to production. , implantation and exploitation of these innovative products in Europe “, explains the director of Oasis Wildlife, Guacimara Cabrera.

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