Lemon Tiramisu, but with a twist – it’s a no-bake lemon roll. So creamy, fluffy, and fruity all at once, […]

Here’s an amazing lemon cake with a moist batter, a tangy passion fruit glaze, and a creamy filling.   MariaWelcome […]

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It’s like classic porridge meets this strawberry-chia sauce… well, more like a warm sauce that I’ve combined with chilled porridge. […]

It’s insanely creamy and fruity—once you start, you just can’t stop eating it 🙈🍓   MariaWelcome to Mariasskitchen.com! I’m Maria […]

This Pumpkin Cheesecake is an autumn delight—creamy, light, and packed with that perfect pumpkin spice flavor! Plus, it’s a breeze […]

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