Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges

Chocolate-Dipped Candied Oranges


  • 6 oranges
  • 1 2/3 cups (400ml) water (approximately)
  • 3 cups (600g) sugar
  • Spices (cinnamon, cloves, star anise)
  • Your preferred chocolate


Wash and slice the oranges into rounds about 0.3 inches wide. Place them in boiling water for 5-10 minutes to avoid bitterness in the peel (I skipped this step because I like the bitterness 😅). In a pot, combine sugar, spices, and water. Add the orange slices 🍊🍊 Cook for about 1.5 hours.

Drain the water and place the oranges on paper towels to let them drain a bit. Then, arrange the oranges on a baking sheet and bake at 212°F (100°C) for 15 minutes. Flip the orange slices and return them to the oven for another 15 minutes. Let the oranges cool and dip them in chocolate, if desired.

Serve with love🥰

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