Cherry Tiramisu in a Glass

Cherry Tiramisu in a Glass

Quick Amarena Cherry Tiramisu in a glass, a light and fruity dessert ready in 5 minutes. All you’ll need are ladyfingers, milk, Dr. Oetker Paradies Creme in the “Amarena Cherry Flavor,” and a few Amarena cherries. Optionally, you can top it with chopped pistachios for a nicer look.

Dr. Oetker’s Paradies Creme is simply mixed with milk and it’s ready to go. It’s delightfully fluffy and can be enjoyed as is or used in creating other beautiful desserts.

Recipe for two glasses:

  • 1 packet of Dr. Oetker Paradies Creme Amarena Cherry Flavor
  • 1.7 cups (400 ml) milk
  • 10 ladyfingers
  • A few Amarena cherries
  • Chopped pistachios for topping

Whisk the Paradies Creme with 1.3 cups (300 ml) of milk until creamy following the package instructions.

Briefly dip the ladyfingers in the remaining milk and layer half of them into two glasses.

Add half of the cream on top. Then, dip the remaining ladyfingers in milk and continue layering in the glasses.

Distribute the remaining cream and the Amarena cherries in the glasses and optionally top with chopped pistachios.

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