Easy Mexican Lemon Icebox Cake – Summer Desserts

This Carlota de Limón recipe is a classic Mexican no-bake dessert recipe that is easy to make and so delicious! With layers of galletas maria, this is a sweet and tangy icebox cake we guarantee you will love.. Perfect for summer time! This cake is usually a sophisticated dessert. This Mexican variation is a simplified, … Read more

Boston Cream Ice Box Cake – Summer Desserts

Scrumptious layers of creamy custard and crispy cookies/biscuits, topped with a luscious and fudgy chocolate icing; a perfect no-bake, egg-free, make-ahead dessert! Boston, USA is known for it’s every popular Boston Cream Pie with 2 layers of yellow cake sandwiched with some vanilla custard and topped or glazed with a luscious chocolate icing/glaze. I decided … Read more