Lemon Meringue Yule Log

‘Tis the season for Yule logs 😍, and I’m kicking it off with a lemon meringue Yule log 🤤! It’s got a crunchy Breton shortbread base, a light lemon mousse, a creamy lemon center, and a generous Swiss meringue ☁️ 🥰. For decorations, a touch of gold leaf ✨, lemon slices (but feel free to … Read more

Kinder Delice-Style Rolled Log

Here’s a delightful Kinder Delice-style rolled log 😍. It’s simple, quick to make, no need for a mold, and most importantly, it’s delicious 🤤! The cocoa sponge is super light, the whipped cream too, and it’s covered in a chocolate glaze.   MariaWelcome to Mariasskitchen.com! I’m Maria Tarrant, the proud owner and passionate curator of … Read more

Sundae-style Caramel Log

It’s made up of a vanilla whipped ganache, a caramel heart with peanuts, a crispy milk chocolate-peanut layer, and a dacquoise. For decoration, I made a mirror glaze (no food coloring), whipped cream, more caramel, and peanuts. But feel free to decorate however you like! Instead of a glaze, you can use peanuts, pearls, and … Read more