Croissant Rolls

Croissant rolls or New York rolls 😍! Many of you asked for this recipe, so here it is 🥰! I made homemade croissant dough—it’s not as tricky as it sounds, just a bit time-consuming with several resting periods. With a little organization, you can make it in a day 😊! And trust me, it’s totally … Read more

Pear Tree Cake

Seasonal treat: the Pear Tree Cake 🍐! Let’s make the most of the season 🥰. It’s almost like the classic strawberry cake, except the sponge cake here is cocoa-based and soaked in pear syrup. The delightful, creamy diplomat cream is flavored with vanilla, topped off with more diplomat cream and sliced pears 🍐🥰!!! This cake … Read more

Crispy hot Churros

How about some warm, crispy Churros coated in sugar and dipped in spread, just like at the carnival? 🎡🤤! Making the batter, some folks just use flour and water, but I prefer this version—it’s lighter and doesn’t splatter while cooking 😅🫣😂. With this recipe, you’ll get about fifteen churros 👇   MariaWelcome to! I’m … Read more

Coconut Dome with Chocolate Spread

I’ve got a delightful treat for you—Coconut domes with a gooey center of spread 😍. These little beauties are crafted with a base of cocoa Breton shortbread, a light coconut mousse 🥥, and a lush, flowing spread center—all topped off with grated coconut 🥰. It’s a dessert that’s just top-notch! 👌✨   MariaWelcome to! … Read more

Speculoos Truffles

Here’s a quick, no-bake, and super easy sweet treat idea: Speculoos truffles! 😍 Best part? They’re made with just 3 ingredients! There’s a crunchy white chocolate coating, a gooey speculoos center—perfect to pair with your tea or coffee. 🥰 And for festive moments, a change from regular chocolate truffles. 😊👍 Quick quiz without peeking—can you … Read more

Black Forest Tiramisu

How about a Black Forest tiramisu? 😍 Soft cocoa ladyfinger biscuits soaked in cherry syrup, an extra-light and smooth tiramisu cream, and cherries 🍒, all dusted with grated chocolate 🤤! It’s a real melt-in-your-mouth delight! So, does this recipe tempt your taste buds?   MariaWelcome to! I’m Maria Tarrant, the proud owner and passionate … Read more