Homemade Fanta Blue Raspberry – 2 Ingredients Easy Recipe

If you follow this simple homemade Fanta Blue Raspberry recipe you’ll soon be in the love of raspberry over again. Blue raspberry and soda blend together to create a fruity explosion of flavors and vivid colors unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!

Because of the blue hues this drink is ideal for a variety of special occasions such as bridal showers or themed celebrations, the Fourth of July and even as an easy summer drink. Serve it anywhere and it’s guaranteed to be a big hit.

It’s not difficult to create. Simply a few steps and you’re done. The list of ingredients and the preparation are both extremely easy to follow that that you could think you’ve have missed something, but you’re not. This recipe is simple and delicious as is.

A glass of chilled homemade fanta blue raspberry can be refreshing. It is easy to taste the taste of the drink each sip. My family members have been able to give this drink a score of 10 thumbs up.


Homemade Fanta Blue Raspberry


1 oz. Monin Blue Raspberry Syrup

Fill with club soda


Fill serving glass with ice.

Add remaining ingredients in the order listed.

Stir well or transfer from serving glass to other glass and back to mix.




Fanta Blue Raspberry



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