35 Irish Side Dishes That Will Transport Your Taste Buds to the Emerald Isle

Indulge in these tantalizing Irish side dishes, specially curated for the enchanting celebration of St. Patrick’s Day!

Accompanying the customary main courses such as succulent Irish stew and tender pot roasts, these delectable creations are a fixture on dining tables.

Prepare to be mesmerized by a collection of authentic Irish side dishes that pay homage to the harmonious trio of potatoes, cabbage, and bacon.

The Irish possess an unparalleled mastery of the humble potato, but their culinary expertise extends far beyond that.

Navigating the world of seafood with finesse, they effortlessly create exquisite platters, drawing inspiration from the bountiful seas surrounding their island.

Delight your guests by crafting any or all of these mouthwatering Irish side dishes that are sure to garner their utmost admiration.

1. Colcannon Puffs

Guess what? I recently stumbled upon a recipe for St. Patrick’s Day that is incredibly simple to make. It’s the perfect solution for my desire to have a snack while engrossed in a book, without worrying about feeling guilty. This recipe is the ideal guilt-free treat.

Have you ever wondered what occurs when you bake vegan colcannon? Well, let me tell you! The result is a batch of wonderfully seasoned puffs that are incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside, while boasting a delicate crispness on the outside. These little bites are absolutely delightful to bite into!

Irish Side Dishes

2. Colcannon

Colcannon, a classic Irish dish, consists of smooth mashed potatoes blended with a medley of green vegetables. Traditionally, it incorporates cabbage or kale, complemented by aromatic additions like leeks and chives. In our rendition, we combine scallions and kale to infuse the dish with lively hues and rich, nutty undertones. Whether you prefer a different medley, this beloved Irish accompaniment always brings a vibrant touch of green to any meal it accompanies.

3. Irish Style Coleslaw

In Ireland, coleslaw has become an immensely popular dish despite not being a traditional Irish food. This creamy and crunchy delight has gained widespread demand in modern times, particularly during summer feasting, barbecues, and pot-luck get-togethers. Whether it accompanies a main meal as a refreshing side salad or finds its way into mouth-watering combinations such as ham or turkey and coleslaw sandwiches, the Irish diners’ affection for coleslaw knows no bounds.

The contrast of textures and the rich creaminess of the dressing make Irish coleslaw a tantalizing addition to any meal, bringing a burst of flavor and freshness to the palate. It has become a staple in Irish cuisine, perfectly embodying the essence of indulgence and enjoyment that summer gatherings and casual dining experiences evoke.

4. Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread

Irish Soda Bread is a delightful and flavorful quick bread, renowned for its unique characteristics and simple preparation. Unlike traditional breads that rely on yeast for leavening, this Irish classic derives its rise from the combination of baking soda and tangy buttermilk. Passed down through generations, the recipe for this particular Irish soda bread holds a special place, treasured and celebrated for many years.

The bread itself exhibits a remarkable texture that can be described as dense yet tender, striking a perfect balance between substantiality and softness. Its crust, however, is where the true magic happens. A magnificent exterior forms during the baking process, boasting an irresistible crustiness that captivates the senses.

To achieve this culinary masterpiece, the secret lies in two key ingredients: buttermilk and cold butter. The tangy buttermilk contributes a distinct flavor profile, adding a subtle tanginess that complements the overall taste. Meanwhile, the incorporation of cold butter brings a richness and moisture to the bread, further enhancing its delectable qualities.

In summary, this cherished recipe for Irish Soda Bread presents a delightful journey of flavors and textures. Its reliance on baking soda and buttermilk, coupled with the meticulous use of cold butter, results in a bread that is both comforting and indulgent, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the pleasure of savoring it.

5. Irish Stacked Potato Bites

The Irish have gained worldwide recognition for their culinary expertise in creating delectable potato-based dishes. Among these renowned creations, the Irish Stacked Potato Bites stand out as a truly exceptional example. These bite-sized wonders are not only incredibly delicious but also remarkably simple to prepare, making them an ideal addition to any St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Even more impressively, if by chance any of these mouthwatering treats manage to escape immediate consumption straight from the oven, fear not! The Stacked Potato Bites retain their delightful taste and texture even after freezing, and can be effortlessly reheated to perfection, allowing you to enjoy their savory goodness at any time.

6. Irish Mushroom and Potato Soup

The Potato Mushroom Soup boasts a remarkable thickness that engulfs your palate with its indulgent, velvety texture. Every spoonful is a symphony of flavors, as the robust essence of earthy mushrooms harmonizes with the natural sweetness of leeks, carrots, celery, and potatoes. It is a true embodiment of comfort, evoking feelings of warmth and contentment. The soup’s delectable aroma fills the air, tempting even the smallest of appetites to crave for more. To complete this culinary masterpiece, a generous serving of fresh crusty bread is the perfect companion, ready to soak up every last drop of this divine concoction.

7. Irish Champ Potatoes

Essentially, Irish champ is a delectable dish consisting of perfectly cooked, velvety mashed potatoes that are elevated to new heights with the incorporation of aromatic green onions, scallions, or shallots (depending on the regional terminology). It’s a culinary delight that embraces generous amounts of rich, creamy butter, carefully infused with garlic to enhance its flavors. The combination of smooth potatoes, vibrant onions, and the indulgent butter-garlic infusion creates a harmonious symphony of tastes that will leave your taste buds longing for more.

8. Irish Cheddar and Bacon Soda Bread

Prepare this incredibly delicious bacon and cheese soda bread that requires minimal effort and time. Soda bread, known for its simplicity, is a fantastic shortcut when it comes to baking bread. Unlike traditional bread recipes, this one eliminates the need for kneading or lengthy proving times, making it a breeze to prepare. With just a few steps, you’ll have a warm, freshly baked loaf of homemade bread on your table in less than an hour! The best part? This recipe doesn’t even require yeast, simplifying the process even further.

9. Irish Fried Cabbage and Bacon

Indulge in the delightful flavors of Irish Fried Cabbage and Bacon, a quick and easy dish expertly cooked in savory bacon grease. This mouthwatering creation combines generous amounts of crispy bacon, aromatic onions, and tender cabbage. In just 25 minutes, you’ll have a scrumptious side dish ready to be savored!

10. Irish Potato Bread

Easy Irish Potato Bread, also referred to as Irish Farls, Fadge, or potato cakes, is a delightful culinary creation made by utilizing leftover mashed potatoes cooked on a hot griddle. This versatile recipe offers a gluten-free, vegan, and allergy-free alternative, ensuring that everyone can savor its flavors. With its soft yet crispy texture, this eggless mashed potato bread can be relished as a delectable side dish, a fulfilling breakfast option, or a delightful snack. Whether you prefer a savory or sweet twist, this quick and straightforward potato bread recipe will undoubtedly satisfy your taste buds.

11. Irish Potato Roast

The Irish Potato Roast, featuring a delightful blend of rosemary and thyme, is a delectably crispy baked potato that adds the perfect finishing touch to any meal. The irresistible appeal of these crispy baked potatoes is undeniable. Potatoes hold a special place in our hearts, and while there are countless ways to prepare this humble vegetable, baked potatoes remain my personal favorite.

12. Irish Buttered Cabbage

This easy yet flavorful side dish features tender cabbage cooked with butter and black pepper, making it an ideal accompaniment to various main courses. Buttered cabbage evokes pure comfort for me when it comes to recipes; it’s a dish my mother would frequently prepare as a simple vegetable side dish to complement a wide range of main dishes, often served alongside impeccably creamy mashed potatoes.

13. Irish Oatmeal Bread

Indulge in the delightful flavors of this simple and delectable recipe for Irish Oatmeal Bread. Crafted with steel cut oats, yeast, and molasses, it becomes an ideal choice for toast, sandwiches, and all your culinary desires. If you derive joy from the art of homemade breadmaking, this Irish Oatmeal Bread will surely captivate your taste buds. Its enticing nutty essence is accompanied by a rich molasses undertone, while the soft crumb allows for beautifully sliced loaves.

The key to the exceptional appeal of this Irish Oatmeal Bread lies in the incorporation of steel cut oats within the dough. By soaking them in hot water, they plump up and acquire a delightful tenderness. Not only do the oats contribute to the texture, but they also infuse the bread with a delightful taste.

14. Irish Brown Bread – One of the Best Irish Side Dishes

This bead is one of the best irish side dishes. This wholesome, rapid bread is crafted from whole wheat flour, offering delightful hints of sweetness and malted flavors. Each soft slice complements corned beef and cabbage flawlessly.

Annually, I engage in the time-honored tradition of baking a classic loaf of Irish soda bread for our cherished St. Patrick’s Day festivity with loved ones. Nevertheless, we have recently discovered a newfound love for the delectable Irish brown bread, which has become a treasured addition to our feast. The best part is that it remains quick and effortless to prepare, utilizing baking soda.

15. Irish Pea Salad

This salad combines the vibrant flavors and textures of earthy green peas, crunchy sweet onion, sweet peppers, and creamy Irish cheese. It is further enhanced by a delightful herbed yogurt mayo dressing, which adds a refreshing tang to the overall taste. The ease of assembling this salad makes it a convenient choice for potlucks, family gatherings, and barbecues. It has garnered widespread acclaim, with everyone raving about its irresistible combination of ingredients.

16. Irish Scalloped Potatoes with Cabbage & Cheddar

I’m excited to share with you an incredible St. Patrick’s Day recipe that will surely make your taste buds dance: Irish Scalloped Potatoes with Cabbage & Cheddar. This delectable dish is bursting with flavor, thanks to its mouthwatering combination of caramelized cabbage, fragrant leeks, pungent garlic, and the irresistible creaminess of Irish cheddar cheese. Each bite is a symphony of richness and savory goodness.

The magic begins with thinly sliced layers of potato, carefully arranged in a skillet that’s destined to produce decadence. As the dish bakes to perfection, the top undergoes a stunning transformation, turning a glorious shade of golden brown, while the cheese delicately melts and envelops the entire ensemble. The result is a tantalizing sight that’s only surpassed by the wonderful aroma wafting through your kitchen.

Irish scalloped potatoes make for an excellent addition to any corned beef feast, elevating the meal to new heights of culinary pleasure. It’s the ideal accompaniment, complementing the robust flavors of the main course while adding its own unique touch of sophistication. Prepare to be transported to a land of delectable Irish cuisine as you savor each delectable forkful of this incredible creation.

17. Irish Beef & Stout Potpie

This recipe is a delicious and satisfying Irish dinner that brings together a rich blend of flavors and textures. It features a variety of hearty ingredients carefully combined to create a flavorful one-pot meal. The key components include perfectly seasoned ground beef, tender carrots, aromatic onions and celery, wholesome potatoes, a generous splash of stout beer, a harmonious blend of spices, and to top it all off, a golden and flaky sheet of puff pastry. When you prepare this dish, you’ll be treated to a hearty and comforting experience that truly captures the essence of Irish cuisine.

18. Easy Irish Guinness Beef Stew

On the internet, you can find numerous iterations of beef stew recipes. However, what distinguishes a traditional Irish Beef Stew from Ireland from the rest is its unique incorporation of Guinness stout, a renowned Irish beer.

As the stew gently simmers, the alcohol in the Guinness evaporates, imparting a profound and rich flavor to the dish. While using any other beer in lieu of Guinness EXTRA STOUT can still yield a delicious stew, it might not possess the same level of depth and robustness. Nevertheless, opting for regular Guinness is also a suitable alternative for achieving a flavorful Irish Beef Stew.

19. Waterford Blaas (Irish Rolls)

Waterford blaas are traditional Irish bread rolls known for their distinct characteristics. They boast a pristine white appearance, which comes from their expertly baked outer crust, while their inner texture is irresistibly soft and tender. These delectable rolls have gained immense popularity, particularly among the Irish population, especially during breakfast time.

If you’re eager to indulge in the delightful flavors of Waterford blaas, you can easily recreate them at home by following this straightforward recipe. Discover the secrets behind crafting these mouthwatering buns and treat yourself to an authentic taste of Ireland.

20. Irish Cheddar Beer Bread

Prepare to be amazed by the simplicity of this incredible beer cheese bread recipe, which stands out as one of the easiest bread recipes ever created. With just five essential ingredients and less than five minutes of your time, you can conjure up a loaf of exquisite Guinness bread that is practically foolproof. Begin by combining a rich and robust dark beer, like the iconic Guinness, with self-rising flour, a touch of sugar, a pinch of salt, and, of course, your preferred cheese variety. While I personally recommend the delightful creaminess of Irish Cheddar, don’t hesitate to explore alternative options like havarti, fontina, swiss, or gruyere, as long as they fall within the range of medium-hard cheeses.

21. Irish Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a truly delightful dish that captures the heart with its rich flavors and satisfying composition. Picture this: succulent ground beef or lamb mingling with a medley of earthy mushrooms, aromatic onions, sweet corn, vibrant peas, and tender carrots. All of these delectable ingredients harmoniously meld together, bathing in a luscious gravy sauce that elevates the taste to new heights. And let’s not forget the crowning glory—a heavenly mashed potato crust that transforms into a golden-brown perfection after a blissful rendezvous with the oven.

But it doesn’t stop there. Shepherd’s pie is a culinary marvel that offers a complete meal within a single dish. You have the indulgence of the meat, the comforting embrace of the potatoes, and the added bonus of a handful of colorful veggies, ensuring a balanced and wholesome dining experience.

One of the remarkable qualities of shepherd’s pie is its ability to evoke warmth and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those chilly winter nights. However, its versatility extends beyond the confines of winter—it seamlessly fits into the transitionary seasons of late fall and early spring, providing solace on cool evenings. Furthermore, this marvelous creation effortlessly caters to large gatherings, making it a go-to option for feeding a crowd. And the beauty of it all? Leftovers! Shepherd’s pie graciously bestows the gift of leftovers, allowing you to savor its deliciousness throughout the week, bringing joy to your taste buds day after day.

22. Irish Pub Salad

Irish cuisine extends far beyond the popular perception of potatoes and cabbage. The delightful Irish Pub Salad showcases a diverse array of ingredients, including hand-picked green beans, meticulously boiled eggs, an assortment of fresh vegetables, and, of course, the addition of cheese, culminating in a satisfying and nourishing culinary experience that leaves no appetite unfulfilled.

23. Irish Boxty

Irish boxty, a distinctive type of potato pancake, boasts a texture that sets it apart from other variations. There are two methods to prepare this delightful dish: you can opt for thick pancakes, just as I did, and generously spread butter and sour cream on top to enhance the flavors, OR you can choose to make them into Irish crepes by adding extra cream to the batter, resulting in a thinner consistency.

24. Irish Potato Farls

If you are searching for an exceptional Irish side dishes that stands out among the rest, you must try making the mouthwatering Authentic Irish Potato Farls. These delectable treats reach the pinnacle of savory goodness when they are expertly fried and served alongside eggs, succulent tomatoes, and sizzling bacon. The crispy exterior of the farls harmonizes beautifully with the tender, flavorful interior, creating a culinary experience that is unparalleled in its authenticity and taste.

25. Parsley Buttered Potatoes

Parsley buttered potatoes, a beloved side dish in Irish cuisine, are typically crafted using small, unpeeled baby potatoes. These delectable spuds are lovingly coated in velvety melted butter and sprinkled generously with finely chopped fresh parsley, resulting in a harmonious union of flavors and textures.

While the notion of pairing parsley with potatoes might appear unconventional at first, it proves to be a winning combination. The inclusion of parsley not only imparts a delightful taste to the dish but also plays a pivotal role in enhancing its visual appeal. The vibrant green hue contributed by the parsley serves as an eye-catching element, elevating the overall aesthetic of the dish and captivating the senses.

26. Irish Barmbrack

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of a delectable Irish barmbrack, crafted to perfection with a recipe that captures the essence of tradition. This moist and flavorful loaf, free from yeast, is expertly filled with plump raisins and sultanas that have been luxuriously soaked in tea, infusing each bite with a delightful infusion of aromatic goodness. Enjoy this delectable treat on its own, savoring the intricate blend of textures and flavors, or elevate your experience by toasting it and accompanying it with a generous spread of velvety butter. What’s more, this delightful creation can be easily modified to be eggless or vegan, accommodating various dietary preferences without compromising on its incredible taste and quality.

Irish Side Dishes

27. Irish Roasted Parsnips

Are you in search of uncomplicated Irish side dishes? Look no further than parsnips. Despite being overlooked, they truly deserve more recognition, and it’s time to change that. By roasting them, you’ll discover their delightful sweetness and ideal tenderness, making them an excellent choice for a quick side dish that may even surpass the main course in your affections.

28. Bubble and Squeak

If the name “bubble and squeak” doesn’t immediately bring food to mind, you’re likely not alone. However, this classic Irish dish offers a fantastic solution for utilizing leftover vegetables. Not only is it incredibly simple to prepare, but it also provides a comforting and delicious experience that you shouldn’t miss out on!

29. Irish Nachos

Introducing Irish Nachos, a delightful variation of classic nachos where thinly sliced potatoes take the spotlight as the foundation. Delight your taste buds with layers of crispy bacon, gooey melted cheese, and dollops of tangy sour cream, creating a delectable dish that practically demands to be enjoyed with friends and loved ones.

30. Traditional Irish Scones

These authentic irish side dish are easy to prepare but incredibly delicious! They can be enjoyed for breakfast or afternoon tea, paired with jam and clotted cream, or simply spread with butter.

31. Irish Potato Salad

The Warm Potato Salad is a delightful culinary creation rooted in Irish cuisine. This delectable dish showcases a medley of tender, cooked potatoes that are gently elevated to new heights of flavor. The potatoes, carefully prepared to achieve the perfect balance of tenderness and firmness, are lovingly dressed with a creamy and aromatic blend of mayonnaise infused with a carefully selected assortment of fresh herbs.

32. Irish Sausage Rolls

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with the delightful and enjoyable Irish Sausage Rolls, one of the best irish side dishes to share with loved ones. In Ireland, these sausage rolls are immensely popular, commonly enjoyed in pubs, home gatherings, and readily available at local bakeries.

Unlike their American counterparts, Irish sausages feature a unique flavor profile, despite both being crafted from ground pork. While American sausages tend to be robust and fiery, Irish sausages incorporate a harmonious blend of herbs, offering a delicate and mild taste. This distinct flavor is cherished throughout the United Kingdom.

33. Irish Chedddar Macaroni & Cheese

Experience the rich and delectable Irish Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese, a tantalizing stovetop dish crafted with the finest Guinness stout, tangy Irish cheddar, and a hint of zesty Dijon mustard. Indulge in the creamy, cheese-laden goodness, enhanced by an optional crispy breadcrumb topping.

34. Irish Apple Cake

Loaded with tart, crisp apples, Irish Apple Cake is a delightful vanilla spice cake that is both light and tender, topped with a crunchy sugar coating.

35. Irish Leek & Potato Soup

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with this meticulously crafted Leek and Potato Soup Recipe. This delightful culinary creation seamlessly combines the earthy goodness of russet potatoes, the aromatic allure of fragrant leeks, and the vibrant flavors of hand-picked fresh herbs. Through a meticulous process of simmering and blending, this soup transforms into a rich and hearty masterpiece, boasting a luxuriously velvety texture that will envelop your taste buds in pure bliss. With its roots deeply embedded in Irish tradition, this soul-warming dish is a perfect choice for a satisfying lunch or dinner that will transport you to a realm of culinary delight.

Exploring the rich and diverse world of Irish side dishes offers a delightful culinary journey that will leave taste buds longing for more. From comforting classics like colcannon and champ to mouthwatering delights such as boxty and beer bread, the extensive Irish side dishes list showcases the hearty flavors and traditions of this enchanting country. Whether you’re seeking a traditional Irish meal or simply looking to add a touch of Irish charm to your dining experience, these delectable dishes are sure to satisfy and impress. So, embrace the warmth of Irish hospitality and let the tantalizing aromas and flavors of these authentic Irish side dishes transport you to the Emerald Isle. Sláinte!

Irish Side Dishes
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35 Irish Side Dishes That Will Transport Your Taste Buds to the Emerald Isle

Indulge in these tantalizing Irish side dishes, specially curated for the enchanting celebration of St. Patrick's Day!
Total Time30 minutes
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Irish
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  • 1. Colcannon Puffs
  • 2. Colcannon
  • 3. Irish Style Coleslaw
  • 4. Grandma’s Irish Soda Bread
  • 5. Irish Stacked Potato Bites
  • 6. Irish Mushroom and Potato Soup
  • 7. Irish Champ Potatoes
  • 8. Irish Cheddar and Bacon Soda Bread
  • 9. Irish Fried Cabbage and Bacon
  • 10. Irish Potato Bread
  • 11. Irish Potato Roast
  • 12. Irish Buttered Cabbage
  • 13. Irish Oatmeal Bread
  • 14. Irish Brown Bread – One of the Best Irish Side Dishes
  • 15. Irish Pea Salad
  • 16. Irish Scalloped Potatoes with Cabbage & Cheddar
  • 17. Irish Beef & Stout Potpie
  • 18. Easy Irish Guinness Beef Stew
  • 19. Waterford Blaas (Irish Rolls)
  • 20. Irish Cheddar Beer Bread
  • 21. Irish Shepherd’s Pie
  • 22. Irish Pub Salad
  • 23. Irish Boxty
  • 24. Irish Potato Farls
  • 25. Parsley Buttered Potatoes
  • 26. Irish Barmbrack
  • 27. Irish Roasted Parsnips
  • 28. Bubble and Squeak
  • 29. Irish Nachos
  • 30. Traditional Irish Scones
  • 31. Irish Potato Salad
  • 32. Irish Sausage Rolls
  • 33. Irish Chedddar Macaroni & Cheese
  • 34. Irish Apple Cake
  • 35. Irish Leek & Potato Soup


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