Quick and Delicious Stracciatella Sheet Cake

Honestly… you can always find a good reason to drink a glass of eggnog, right? Whether at Easter, or at Christmas, or simply because you just feel like it. But hardly anything tastes better than cake with eggnog. Whether a simple eggnog cake or this eggnog stracciatella sheet cake with creamy topping. Eggnog and cake, … Read more

Easy and Delicious Zucchini Cake

If we have already arrived at “quick and easy”, of course a zucchini cake may not be missing. The combination of vegetables in the cake and chocolate on top makes for a super juicy cake experience that is made really quickly and even my boys, otherwise real vegetable fine, tastes great every time. So zucchini … Read more

Coconut Chocolate Truffle Sheet Cake

Fans of coconut, pina colada, bounty and exceptionally good cake watch out. Here comes an awesome recipe! There are cakes that are simply different, incomparable. These coconut truffle sheet cake are definitely one of them. A moist chocolate-almond base on a coconut mousse so fluffy and airy, it literally melts in your mouth. And the … Read more