Moist & Delicious Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate dough, buttercream, chocolate icing on top, that used to be one of, if not THE classic sheet cake for us kids of the 80s. The simplicity of moist dough and creamy component is simply unbeatable. In short, if you’ve never had mega slices, you should preheat the oven right now, right then and there. … Read more

Banana Nutella Brownies

Fruity, delicious – that’s a great way to describe this wonderful recipe. The banana Nutella brownies taste heavenly.       Banana Nutella Brownies Ingredients: 100 g Nutella 130 g butter 150 g granulated sugar 2 pk vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt 100 g flour (plain) 2 pcs eggs 3 tbsp cocoa powder 100 … Read more