Creamy And Delicious Mousse Cake

It doesn’t get any airier than this! This mousse cake is prepared in just 10 minutes. On the base of butter cookies comes a fine dessert cream – so delicious.       Creamy And Delicious Mousse Cake Ingredients: 100 g butter cookies 400 ml milk 2 pck. dessert cream 1 tsp. vanilla extract 4 … Read more

Creamy and Delicious Oreo Cupcakes

If you like Oreo cookies, you’ll love our Oreo cupcakes! The chocolatey cupcake recipe is just perfect for any occasion and the creamy cream cheese frosting goes perfectly with the cupcake batter.     Delicious Oreo Cupcakes Ingredients: 12 Muffin tins FOR THE DOUGH 125 g soft butter 150 g sugar 1 pck. vanilla sugar … Read more

Delicious Chocolate Mint Brownies

One should celebrate the celebrations as they fall. And it’s best not to skip any. And because this week is St. Patrick’s Day, we’re putting a little green in a classic: mint! So how about super moist chocolate mint brownies? A moist chocolate cake with subtle mint flavor that melts right in your mouth and … Read more