Breakfast Tiramisu

  MariaWelcome to! I’m Maria Tarrant, the proud owner and passionate curator of this website. As an avid lover of all things dessert, baking, and traveling, I’ve combined my passions to create a platform where I can share my culinary adventures and inspirations with you. From decadent cakes to scrumptious cookies, this website is … Read more

Chocolate Roll

Crepes: 4 Eggs 100g Oat or buckwheat flour 220ml Milk or plant-based milk 15g Cocoa A splash of olive oil Mix and cook the crepes. Trim the ends for a neat roll-up. β€’ Filling: 200ml Heavy cream 15g Cocoa Optional: 20g of your usual sweetener Whisk until it’s creamy, following the video’s consistency. Layer crepes … Read more

Choco Banana Dessert

Send this to anyone who owes you a favor! Keep this recipe handy because it’s awesome and super easy! β€’ Crepes: 4 Eggs 100g Oat flour or buckwheat flour 200ml Milk or plant-based milk Mix and cook the crepes. β€’ Filling: 130g Warm coconut milk (or cream) 100g Dark chocolate 1 Banana per roll Mix … Read more


Forget the usual brownies you know; this recipe’s got a twist! It’s called the Greenie πŸ’š With its white chocolate chips and soft texture, it’s as visually appealing as it is delicious. 🀭 As spinach makes its way to the shelves, our dear chef @ferhatbora whipped up a fantastic green brownie using them in a … Read more

Politiko Dessert

This dessert’s toughest part? Waiting for it to set! 🀌🏻πŸ₯° Get ready for a delightful treat that won’t tire you out: the heavenly “politiko” dessert, where each layer holds a different flavor! πŸ˜‰ Don’t be surprised by the ingredient list. 🫣 There’s no oil or flour in its base. The secret lies in the delightful … Read more