Easy & Moist Lemon Sheet Cake

This moist lemon sheet cake is a real cake classic, which is also suitable for beginners. Tastes super delicious, goes quickly and keeps fresh for a long time. Often you don’t need a particularly sophisticated cake for a great treat, a simple juicy lemon cake will do. And that’s why today there are neither many … Read more

Easy and Delicious Tiramisu Sheet Cake

Fancy tiramisu but don’t feel like baking for a long time? No biscotti at home but still the urgent desire for the Italian classic? Then I have the perfect recipe for you. Ready in 40 minutes, but tastes like a real, really good tiramisu. You will love it, the Tiramisu sheet cake! The tiramisu sheet … Read more

Easy and Delicious Texas Sheet Cake

The recipe for Texas Sheet Cake started showing up in the early 1960s. Everyone seems to have their own version of it, and they’re all pretty similar. Here’s my Mother’s recipe that she’s been making since I was a little girl:   Easy and Delicious Texas Sheet Cake For the cake: 1 stick unsalted butter … Read more

Easy and Delicious Chess Squares

Make up whatever excuse you need to make these delicious bars. I am positive that your mouth will be so happy you did 😀 This recipe is over the top delicious. This treat goes by many names, including “gooey butter cake” and “chess squares. This recipe comes from the queen of all things delicious and … Read more

Delicious Brown Butter Hazelnut Cake

In my opinion, hazelnuts are underrated when it comes to desserts. While many desserts are almond-based, hazelnuts are more complex and versatile in both sweet and savory dishes. When I stumbled upon a recipe for brown butter hazelnut cake by Smitten Kitchen, I couldn’t resist making it. The cake turned out to be deliciously moist … Read more