Shortbread Cake with Custard and Berries

Perfect summer cake from the tray: this fruity and creamy butter cookie cake with a topping of raspberries and vanilla pudding is always well received! This tempting butter cookie cake with berries has a lot to offer: It is the perfect summer cake for garden parties and co – and is always well received by … Read more

Creamy and Delicious Classic Bee Sting Cake

For a long time I didn’t think that a simple classic bee sting could taste so brilliant. I gave the cake a wide berth. It seemed somehow boring to me. But that’s not the case! From now on, bee sting from the sheet belongs to my absolute favorite pastry – whether with or without filling. … Read more

Creamy And Delicious Mousse Cake

It doesn’t get any airier than this! This mousse cake is prepared in just 10 minutes. On the base of butter cookies comes a fine dessert cream – so delicious.       Creamy And Delicious Mousse Cake Ingredients: 100 g butter cookies 400 ml milk 2 pck. dessert cream 1 tsp. vanilla extract 4 … Read more

Creamy and Delicious Oreo Cupcakes

If you like Oreo cookies, you’ll love our Oreo cupcakes! The chocolatey cupcake recipe is just perfect for any occasion and the creamy cream cheese frosting goes perfectly with the cupcake batter.     Delicious Oreo Cupcakes Ingredients: 12 Muffin tins FOR THE DOUGH 125 g soft butter 150 g sugar 1 pck. vanilla sugar … Read more

Delicious Chocolate Mint Brownies

One should celebrate the celebrations as they fall. And it’s best not to skip any. And because this week is St. Patrick’s Day, we’re putting a little green in a classic: mint! So how about super moist chocolate mint brownies? A moist chocolate cake with subtle mint flavor that melts right in your mouth and … Read more

Moist & Delicious Chocolate Sheet Cake

Chocolate dough, buttercream, chocolate icing on top, that used to be one of, if not THE classic sheet cake for us kids of the 80s. The simplicity of moist dough and creamy component is simply unbeatable. In short, if you’ve never had mega slices, you should preheat the oven right now, right then and there. … Read more

Banana Nutella Brownies

Fruity, delicious – that’s a great way to describe this wonderful recipe. The banana Nutella brownies taste heavenly.       Banana Nutella Brownies Ingredients: 100 g Nutella 130 g butter 150 g granulated sugar 2 pk vanilla sugar 1 pinch of salt 100 g flour (plain) 2 pcs eggs 3 tbsp cocoa powder 100 … Read more

Delicious Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars

These Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars are so easy and quick to make. The cookie dough bars with chocolate and peanut butter succeed without baking in the refrigerator.       Delicious Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bars Ingredients: FOR THE COOKIE DOUGH 80 g butter (room temperature) 80 g brown sugar 1 tablespoon peanut butter … Read more

Easy and Delicious Oreo Brownies

  One of the best brownie recipes I have tried. I find it very good, and all my family love this recipe.   Easy and Delicious Oreo Brownies Ingredients: 110 ml neutral cooking oil (sunflower oil) 180 g brown sugar 2 eggs (size M) 2 tablespoons baking cocoa 70 g flour 1 pinch of salt … Read more

Moist & Delicious Chocolate Brownies

    This is by far the best brownie recipe. I have already baked several times mach this recipe and it has succeeded every time. Quick and easy, very good!   Moist & Delicious Chocolate Brownies Ingredients: 85 g dark chocolate 85 g semi-sweet chocolate 170 g butter 4 eggs 180 g powdered sugar 0.5 … Read more